Health benefits of drinking milk

Whether to drink milk or not it is a common question always arises in everybody’s mind but still milk is the largest consuming beverage everywhere actually how many of us know the benefits of milk? We hear from one another about benefits of drinking milk but the actual benefits which are found by research are-

The major content of milk is huge amounts of calcium which we rarely get in any other foods and we all know that calcium is needed for good strong growth of bones, hair and nails and its very vital in blood clotting , approximately half litre milk daily will provide all the calcium needed for body.

 The most important constituent of milk is phosphorus which is needed for tissue growth and regulation of pH levels in the body.

Another major componant of milk is iodine which is necessary for formation of hormones like thyroxine and according to research 1 glass of milk provides 96% needs of iodine in a child.

 Then there is potassium which is most important for maintaining fluid balance in the body.

Finally a word for the people who get some problem in digesting milk so there is one remedy that is just drink cold milk than consuming hot milk it will be easily digested

So now you know how beneficial is drinking milk and if you have fat constraint in your minds then nowadays skimmed milk is readily available so u can go ahead using that to avoid fat, now just relax and enjoy a glass of milk without hesitation.