The future of the British milkman
We all need your support

You may have noticed in the press recently about another large dairy company announcing that they will be bringing to an end the supply of milk in glass bottles to their customers and more recently the announcement that they will soon be selling out to the German firm Mullers, who also bought another large dairy company not so long ago and will now have the majority of supermarket milk tied up in the UK.
We want to assure all of our customers and anyone wishing to place an order with us that Portland Dairies have no plans to follow suit and we will continue to supply our fresh British milk to customers' homes and businesses the way we always have, in eco-friendly reusable glass bottles as well as the plastic bottles and other range of products.

Please do all you can to keep this great tradition going and support your local small independent dairies who have been keeping the British public supplied with local fresh milk and dairy products for the last 150 years.